Three Suspects Blast a 45-Year-Old Man With a Chemical Agent

It was Wednesday at 4 p.m. and two men and one woman, all in their 20s, saw an easy mark — a 45-year-old man walking on Mission Street near 16th and talking on his phone, according to a police report.

One of the suspects tried to grab the victim’s cell phone, but met resistance.

The gang of three was prepared. One blasted the victim in the face with a chemical agent and another snatched the cell phone from his hands, according to police.

All three suspects fled on foot. The victim suffered from a swollen face and inflamed facial membranes.

Crime is trauma and the county offers different services. Here is a link to a page of services.

Victims of violent crime can contact the Trauma Recover Center at UCSF.

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  1. Any descriptions of the suspects, Lydia?

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