Soda Tax Hike and Labeling Supported

A new Field Poll shows that 74 percent of the voters support a health warning on sugary drinks and 67 percent support a tax that would go toward healthy initiatives at the schools, according to the SF Gate.  

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  1. John

    I support very few taxes and always vote NO on propositions to raise tax, with a couple of exceptions for law and order initiatives.

    But I have to say that a de facto tax on stupidity and bad taste might even get my support.

  2. community

    this is great! sugary drinks should be taxed out of existence.

  3. Mission resident

    Great, because fat and stupid people don’t know how to balance their diet, I have to pay more for my soda. Fuck that! When this doesn’t work, they will try taxing cookies, cakes, burgers and French fries. Being fat is a choice if you are an adult and bad parenting if your a child. Some folks can drink 5 sodas a day and not be fat because they exercise. This tax on soda is bullshit!

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