BART experienced major delays this afternoon after several suspects involved in a robbery tried to avoid authorities by running down the tracks at the 24th and Mission station, police said.

San Francisco Police officers were investigating a robbery near 24th and Mission streets at around 5 p.m. when the suspects they were chasing fled down the BART tunnel. The suspects ran both Southbound and Northbound, according to BART authorities. BART shut down trains so police could investigate.

Police arrested one of the suspects in the tunnel between 24th and 16th streets, but an unknown number of suspects are still on the loose, said SFPD Sgt. Eric O’neil.

BART trains were delayed for about 40 minutes. Train service resumed, but there will be delays throughout the afternoon, according to a BART watch commander.

We will update this story as we get more information.

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Rigoberto Hernandez

Rigoberto Hernandez is a journalism student at San Francisco State University. He has interned at The Oregonian and The Orange County Register, but prefers to report on the Mission District. In his spare time he can be found riding his bike around the city, going to Giants games and admiring the Stable building.

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  1. The one day that I don’t ride my bike, got to Montgomery station around 5:00 PM and they had shut the fare gates and were sending people away because the platforms had become too crowded. Headed up and out to Mission and Second, caught a 14L within 7 minutes and ended up getting back to 16th Street around 5:45 PM.

    On the ride I talked to another tech worker who had attended the event last night. He resented being hectored. Why do these activists insist on hectoring people instead of inspiring them?

    1. I agree. I only have the ML article to go on but it did sound like the activists saw this as little more than an opportunity to complain and make demands of a group they h#ave no power or influence over.

      Given that the activists want something and the techies have something to offer, you’d really think the activists would have been more civil and respectful.

      1. The goal of the activists, if history is any guide, is not to make anyone’s life better except for their own by practicing their therapy via politics and securing more funding for their ineffective nonprofits.

        1. That may be true. But it goes beyond that when a group of people who want something from another more powerful group of people seek to solicit that help through rudeness and aggression.

          At the heart of human cooperation surely lies some civility and common sense. Do not piss on the people when you need them and they don’t need you.

          1. Successful politics use the mathematics of addition and multiplication, failed politics use subtraction and division.

            Painting everyone but “the most vulnerable” as the enemy and excluded from a political coalition guarantees that coalition will fail.