Okay, Who Could Not Support This Film?

Kickstarter campaign for Mi Casa No Es Su Casa

It’s called Mi Casa No Es Su Casa and the two high school students are running a Kickstarter campaign.

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  1. MissionLoca

    Me, and everyone else in the Mission who is tired of being told they don’t belong here because they aren’t Latino. These filmmakers promise to give a balanced perspective, but I’m not sure how that is possible, given how slanted their premise is to begin with. And I get that Mission Local isn’t *actually* trying to be the voice of the *entire* neighborhood, only one part, but some of us are mightily tired of the “White man go home” narrative that constantly graces your pages these days. My neighbor and very dear friend was jumped by the 16th and Mission intersection the other day and beat mercilessly. He woke up in the hospital. What was his crime? Walking to BART on his way to work. Even before this incident, I avoided that intersection whenever possible…but now I see a loved one harmed, while on the other hand, a bunch of ignorant activists recently protested increased police patrols in that area because, ya know, gentrification. For some of us who are tired of the senseless violence and rampant decay in this area, this brand of gentrification cannot possibly come soon enough. We should not have to live in fear of our lives just because some people fear change. It sucks that low-income people can no longer afford to live in this area, and that is a legitimate concern that should be addressed by rallying our local government to offer more incentives for building affordable housing…Now is a time to band together as a neighborhood, rich AND poor, not behave divisively. But this business of telling people with white skin and/or tech jobs that we don’t belong in our own neighborhood? That’s just mean-spirited and offensive. Fanning the flames of intolerance has never solved any problems.

    • John

      If you look at the names on the ML masthead, five of the eleven are Hispanic names (Chavez, Hernandez, Valencia, Franco and Sanchez).

      I agree it’s entirely reasonable that ML should take a race-neutral stance on topics but it appears the odds are stacked against it.

      • landline

        For someone who says he doesn’t think race plays a role in society and also claims victimhood as a white person, you are very quick to interject race into the discussion. An analysis of the spelling of last names, really?

        You know what I think? You are a white supremacist and you believe in discredited ideologies like social darwinism and phrenology. Whatever resistance you face in your life is a reaction to your hatefulness and disdain for other people who don’t conform to your narrow-minded vision.

        • John

          Wrong, I was simply explaining to Loca why ML makes a big deal about race-based “stories” like this one.

          I do not find racial stereotypes useful, and race doesn’t exist in a scientific sense anyway. It would be better for people to stop judging others based on emotive classifications and started treating people as individuals.

          Oh, And I never said I was a victim. I never even mentioned my race because it isn’t important. I have seen some anti-white bias on ML though, just as Loca noted.

          • landline

            Says the person who judges people by the spelling of their last names. You do realize that you are a sick person, don’t you?

          • John

            I wasn’t judging anyone. I was pointing out the dominance of Hispanic names in the ML staff.

  2. Whatever you want it to be

    Maybe you should have checked the history before you moved here. Mission has a long legacy of violence. Live with it. We all have lived with it without complaining. What makes you special? Violence is everywhere in the world, go to the suburbs, or if you want to live in the city, these are the harsh realities you have to deal with. The Mission is clean as compared to many times in the past. There’s obviously something you don’t get if you are COMPLAINING about “senseless crime”. It’s the city, GET A CLUE ! For your own wellbeing my strait talk is more beneficial than any political argument that I could have on here. I am out.

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