SocketSite is reporting that the Elbo Room owners have plans to tear down the two-story building and replace the popular bar with a five story condo project.

Early plans for the development include nine (9) residential units, three one-bedrooms and six two-bedrooms, ranging in size from 500 to 1,000 square feet over a 770 square-foot commercial space and parking for six (6) cars on the ground floor. READ MORE.

As others have pointed out, the owners have said they are not going anywhere soon.  But Socketsite has linked to the documents of the Planning Department’s preliminary assessment.  Do all owners go through with their plans? Clearly no, but few begin the process without some thought of making changes. We will be following up.

As you can see from reading the documents, it is a long journey to go from an idea to its consummation.

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  1. Hello all you people wishing the Elbo Room should stay, why don’t you talk to the owners and by the naming rights? Put your money where your mouth is and open up the bar somewhere close by. Personally, I thought it was a great venue and it’s sad it’s going, but if it’s that great of a place, people should be able to resurrect and keep it going. Too bad so many haters commenting on this site only bitch and complain and don’t actually solve problems. Put up, or shut up!

  2. Matt Shapiro, co-owner of Elbo Room, here. We are not going anywhere anytime soon…the building owners (close fiends of ours), submitted a proposal (which has to be public), but are not acting on it….I find it funny that no one bothered to check with us before writing their articles.

    1. “I find it funny that no one bothered to check with us before writing their articles”

      Must be your first day here, welcome.

      1. good ol’ thatguy, a;ways pissing in his host’s pool. for a troll, you’re exceptionally rude, ungracious, and hostile.

    2. So why did they bother to submit that proposal? Seems like a painful process to go through just for some shits and giggles, no?

    3. Thanks for chiming in. I live close to the Elbo Room, and it’s my favorite spot during the week. Are there any ways regular folks can help make sure this place stays for a long time to come?

  3. All the cool cats hang at warehouses in Emeryville. Tip for Bay Area nightlife. Zoww! password: dumpling5

  4. Apparently this is bullshit – Not true – Owner of Elbo Room reported to say this.

    Check your sources from the top next time?

  5. California Gril’s remembrance of Amelia’s reminds me of when I moved to SF in ’78 and walked all over town, all hours of the day and night to drink it all in. I lived on Fillmore then, but was walking home up Valencia. I saw big hulking figures on motorcycles at the bar ahead and thought, great, bikers, hope they don’t give me any grief. I was relieved to find they were women, in front of Amelia’s, who still could’ve kicked my butt but had no interest in starting trouble. I later lived on Clarion Alley, and Amelia’s was always a good neighbor. The mother of one college-age girlfriend would drop her at my place, while mom went to the bar to meet ladies.

  6. @LoveDaMission – chill and listen to David Bowie’s “Changes”. It happens. If you hate change you should probably move to rural Oklahoma. Yes I live in the Mission. The place I live in is up for sale and is threatened to be turned into condos. I hate that the Elbo Room is going away too but there are plenty of other awesome things opening up on Valencia too. Change: the only constant.

      1. John, Do you even know what the Elbo Room is or what happens there? Clearly you don’t, or you wouldn’t have made your utterly unnecessarily rude and ignorant remark.

        Some of the most amazing musical experiences this city has ever seen have taken place in the Elbo Room. It’s not just a “dive bar.” What’s wrong with you? Why the hate? Do you even live in San Francisco?

        1. Thanks for the utterly useless remark, LoveDaMission. I’ve been to the Elbo Room several times – it was an overrated mess. Nostalgia is getting the better of you.

          The only tragedy here is that this new construction will only provide 9 units and 6 parking spots. We need more vertical development.

        2. Yeah, I went to a couple of half decent music shows upstairs at the Elbo Room.

          It’s not like there aren’t alternatives.

    1. Your post made me laugh out loud (had to spell that out)!

      Makes me sad to have this building raised. Don’t know how long you have been in SF? I remember taking my life in my hands when it was Amelia’s (SFPD was a very dangerous parking lot… if you did not get mugged crossing the street the SFPD would try to arrest you for coming out of the bar. Everyone was upset when Elbo Room took our space. Yes, must be those damn Google buses doing it again! Hahahahahaha!

      1. I’m a fan of Elbo Room too.

        Look, its going away but at the same time a gem has opened up down the street: The Chapel.

        It’ll be ok.