Most Expensive City for Yuppies

The Yuppie Price Index. Courtesy of

You bet. San Francisco.

SF Gate writes:

Are you sitting down? According to a recent study by, San Francisco ranks as the most expensive city in the USA to maintain a “yuppie” [young urban professional] lifestyle, with prices 14% higher than the national average. READ MORE.

Interestingly, Austin, another tech hub, is not on the list.

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  1. John

    We’re not allowed to have any sympathy for yuppies here. White professionals are the anti-Christ.

    • landline

      Notice the injection of race into the comments.

      • John

        So there is no correlation between the term “yuppie” and being white on your planet?

        • landline

          On planet Earth when someone writes. “White professionals are the anti-Christ,” he has injected race (and religion) into the discussion. End of story, or as you erroneously use, QED.

          • John

            So you maintain that the term “yuppie” does not signify any ascription of race? In your mind, when someone says “yuppie”, nobody thinks “white”?

            And all those here who complained that the yuppies riding the google bus were “mostly white” were also completely wrong and misinformed?

          • landline

            Deflection into irrelevancies in order to distract from your race-baiting.

            Yuppie is short for “young urban professionals,” a color-blind term.


          • John

            Did you read the article? Look at the list of things that a yuppie typically spends their money on. For instance – gym membership. I go to a local gym and the people there are at least 90% white.

            Those yuppies on Valencia Street at night? Mostly black? The Marina on a week-end? Packed with Hispanics?

            Nope, the term “yuppie” routinely evokes in people a group who is overwhelmingly white.

            But if you want to argue that the gentrifiers and tech bus riders are mostly non-white, I’m going to let you.

          • landline

            I don’t need your permission for anything. You are a race baiter who pretends otherwise,

          • John

            I wasn’t granting you permission. I was indicating that I’m enjoying the nonsensical implications of your prior statements.

            Hint: when you are stuck in a hole, quit digging.

          • C. Russo

            Rush would be proud, John.

          • John

            No refutation then, Russo?

          • landline

            No need. You injected race into the commentary by writing, “White professionals are the anti-Christ.” And then brought up many irrelevant points to deflect from your race baiting.

          • John

            Except that “whiteness” is routinely inferred when the word “yuppie” is used so the racial component was already there.

            Why did you say nothing when others introduced race into discussions here, as when someone said that the white google shuttle riders should “go back to the MidWest”?

            Your racial sensitivity would carry more credibility if it wasn’t so selectively applied.

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