It’s 7 a.m., 57° and headed to 62°. Details for the next 10 days are here.

Happy Valentine’s Day and here is the perfect Valentine’s Day date  — going to Odd Ball Cinema for an evening of film themed “Learn Your Lesson on Dating, A Romantic Shockucation.

That’s definitely much better than SF Weekly’s report on Dishcrawl‘s sweep through the Mission this week, “This time it was a narrow strip of Valencia that took center stage, as some forty people were led to West of Pecos, Amber Dhara and the Vestry.” Sounds dreadful — not the food — but moving through the Mission in a pack. Read More. 

And here is your depressing map from Curbed SF on the rents in different neighborhoods. 

Want to know about pupusas and how the are made or where you could get a party catered? Watch our video on D’Maize Catering.

Finally, my favorite Valentine’s Day sentiment comes from a Mayan poem by Xpetra Ernándes, “I want him to come with flowers in his heart. With all his heart.”

Enjoy the day!