Federal Charges Filed Against SFPD

The federal grand jury has indicted five SFPD officers for allegedly stealing things from civilians during a 2011 raid at the Julian SRO in the Mission. The Public Defender Jeff Adachi obtained surveillance videos from the hotel during the raid where an officer is seen taking what appears to be a laptop and other objects.

The pattern of alleged criminal behavior by SFPD officers was exposed in early 2011 by Public Defender Jeff Adachi, whose investigators found video surveillance from the Henry Hotel and other local SROs that supported defendants claims that police were shaking them down and then submitting false police reports.

“The indictments today are a victory for ordinary San Franciscans,” Adachi told reporters today, emphasizing that in addition to personally profiting from the shakedown, these officers were also submitting false testimony in perhaps hundreds of cases, including 100 that his office has gotten dismissed. “These allegations not only involve violations of the constitutional rights of our clients, but also lying on police records that were used to sent individuals to prison based on the testimony of these officers.” READ MORE HERE.

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