Eater SF Reports Esta Noche’s Nights Are Over

Fundraiser at Esta Noche May 18, 2013.

When we reported on Esta Noche’s successful fundraiser to keep its doors open last May, it seemed that this beloved 33-year-old bar, one of (if not the only) Latino gay bar in San Francisco, had more years left for drag shows and cheap drinks. Alas, it appears that this 16th Street bar does not have long in this ever-changing neighborhood. Eater SF reports the following:

Longstanding Mission dive Esta Noche rallied in the face of financial woes last year, but it looks like the noted Latino-oriented gay bar has called it quits, withAndrea Minoo and Callum Hutchins of Wish Bar and Loungeconfirming that they’ll be taking over the 16th Street space shortly.

The Wish team is still developing a concept to replace Esta Noche’s well-worn ambiance, but say that a great cocktail program and comfortable environment are in the works. “There’s a lot of history in that space, and we definitely want to preserve that,” says Hutchins, who notes that some details, like the arch above the bar, will be carried over once the two-month interior renovation is complete. However, fans of the spot’s historically gay-friendly dive bar atmosphere will see a radical change to something more akin to Wish’s loungey vibe.

The new owners plan to take over the bar next week and run it as is for a few months, so fans of Esta Noche will have time to say goodbye. After that, they’ll close for a renovation and are targeting an opening date somewhere in late summer or early fall.

Too bad, the famed bar just had a cameo on HBO’s Looking. We were hoping for more shots of this Mission institution.

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  1. After Lola Lust expired, the place went down hill….

  2. Heather

    Well of course. Tech types and hipsters aren’t into what Esta Noche had to offer. And of course, the Mission has to be entirely altered to suit them. So in place of Esta Noche, we’ll get another place with a drink menu, men with ridiculous mustaches and snobbish bartenders (excuse me, mixologists). Great.

    • John

      It rained too much yesterday. Obviously it’s the fault of tech workers.

      What would we do without Heather’s peerless ability to define what the Mission should be for the rest of us? Along with her always sympathetic and insightful stereotypes of her neighbors?

  3. nutrisystem

    Supersized rents steam-clean away anything odd and interesting.

    The New San Francisco will be purely MARKETING DRIVEN.

    Emptyheads who dig malls will love the new, cleaned-up San Francisco.

    • John

      Because of course there is absolutely nothing between the sanitized malls of the suburbs and the gritty appeal of the Mission.

      No sir, it’s either black or white.

    • landline

      This is a response to nutrisystem. When you describe something as black or white, do you mean like either San Francisco or Detroit or maybe either the United States or North Korea? Just wondering.

      • John

        nutrisystem didn’t describe anything as black and white. That was me. He merely implied it, and I pointed that out.

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