Bay Bridge Snub

Clouds over Bay Bridge.Photo by Jan Hobbel

We wrote earlier this year that Missionites were not keen on the Willie Brown Bridge. 

“Why should we name the bridge after him?” said Bay Blend Coffee and Tea owner Nick Heydaria, 55. “They should call it ‘The People’s Bridge.’ It’s our bridge. Our taxes.” READ MORE.

And on the eve of the official bridge-naming, a group of artists posted their own vote and sign for Joshua A. Norton.

Norton was a famed 19th Century San Francisco eccentric, known for his many, many proclamations, notably the one where he declared himself Emperor of the United States, and later tacked on “Protector of Mexico” to his title. In addition, Norton is best-known for his many decrees about bridges and tunnels that he had hoped to build, connecting San Francisco and Oakland.


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  1. Fabrizio

    When we think of gentrification, speculation, and tax breaks for developers, we can’t help but think of Willie Brown.

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