SNAP: Tech Bus & Bike Lane

Photo by Beth Byrne

It appears that tech buses will become like Muni, much watched by residents and commuters.

Reader Beth Byrne sent in this photo today and said “This is from my morning commute… the bus drove at least 3 blocks half in the bike lane, until I got in front of it.”

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  1. John

    Once someone decides that they hate a particular type of vehicle, they notice when that type of vehicle does something wrong, and ignores all the other times when they do not.

    Confirmation bias is a terrible thing.

    • Lived here my whole life

      Then again if you were doing the same thing in your vehicle the police would pull you over and give you a ticket and if you’re colored they would give you a ticket, beat on you, and take you to jail. With the little things is how it starts then when the big things happen that’s when you’ll care but by that time it will be too late to do anything against it. Also you got to keep in mind Google has been giving all of your email data and search data to the NSA so it’s like you pretty much giving special privileges to Americas snitches, and snitched on every single one of you who is reading this. From the email you sent to your friend, the text message you recieved on your android, to the porn you watch on your computer they’re giving all your information to the NSA And their most likely using that bus to drop off snitches at work so they can continue to snitch on you somemore.

  2. poor.ass.millionaire

    You know, my favorite lunch spot was out of my favorite dish today.

    Damn you tech buses!

  3. Thanks Tech Busses

    My roommate used up all the hot water in his shower this morning.

    Thanks, Tech Busses!

  4. Thanks Tech Bus Express!

    Still no rain to speak of…


  5. Ah, everyone’s favorite commenters just doing their thing.

    No meaningful or funny comments?
    Thanks tech buses and the knowledge economy!

    P.s. Have any of you ever biked next to one of these? Or are you too busy surfin on the bus and gettin your groove on in the peninsula?

  6. Dear tech buses,
    All the interesting and daring people are being priced out and all we have left is online commenters picking on a nonprofit and defending massive diesel vehicles jamming city streets. Tech bus defenders unite!

  7. nutrisystem

    Genentech’s cancer drugs cost $10,000 per dose.

    Thanks tech buses!

  8. nutrisystem

    My mom spends half the day waiting for her “friends” to “like” the photo of a pie she posted on Facebook.

    Thanks tech buses!

  9. nutrisystem

    Zombies fixated on pocket televisions.

    Thanks tech buses!

  10. nutrisystem

    Everything you do, everything you say, and everywhere you go is recorded into your permanent record so some billionaires can make a few more cents.

    Thanks tech buses!

  11. nutrisystem

    Most of your full-time-job paycheck spent on the rent check for that room in a skanky shared flat?

    Thanks tech buses!

  12. pete

    Another robbery at gunpoint last night.

    Thanks tech buses!

    • nutrisystem

      Maybe the robber needs to pay his super-sized rent but isn’t smart enough to code.

      • John

        The moral response to not being able to afford your rent is to move to a place where you can.

        Given Oakland’s stratospheric crime rate, I’d guess that many have done exactly that.

        The lowest crime rates are in gentrified areas.

  13. ThatGuy


    I just saw a Muni bus blocking an ENTIRE FUCKING LANE on South Van Ness. No passengers. Nothing. Oh and its RUSH HOUR!


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