Rio Yañez writes about the death and power of comic book artist Gary Arlington who passed away on January 16th of this year. Arlington ran the city’s first comic book store on 23rd Street near Mission Street.

For kids like me who grew up in the Mission District, Gary was all of our unofficial Uncle, a Marry Poppins of the ghetto. So much of my childhood revolved around his store, The SF Comic Book Co., the first comic shop in the country. If you read his obituaries, they talk about how Gary was essential to the underground comics movement in the Bay Area. The missing story is how much he meant to the youth of the neighborhood in the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s. As a kid I spent every Friday after-school squeezed into his shop rubbing elbows with other kids buying X-Men comics, Cholos buying Teen Angel, and old hippies buying underground and independent comics. Gary and his store influenced multiple generations of artists, activists, and troublemakers. READ MORE HERE.

Here is an obit from the SF Bay Guardian.

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  1. Sweet old guy. I used to buy underground comix from him in the 80s. If I remember right, his girlfriend Dori Seda, a comix artist, died many years ago.

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