Google Buses Now Have Techies and Security Men

From December 2013

The San Francisco Chronicle via Reuters is reporting that the Google buses now have security aboard.

Reuters is reporting that two men with earpieces may be providing security services for the tech giant’s corporate shuttle buses. The men were spotted on two consecutive days near a Google bus stop in San Francisco’s Mission District. READ THE FULL STORY HERE.

Good idea or not such a good idea? 

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  1. Godzuki

    ….will do wonders for their already great PR lately….

    • John

      What do you expect if a small group of people signal their intent to do harm to these workers?

      It’s either this or the employees start using mace on the envy vigilantes.

      Anyway, a deal has now been done and the shuttles can use the bus stops. Nothing to see here.

      • Deal? A symbolic cave in to the overlords …
        The city had the option to create a new tax that I’m sure companies would have gladly paid, instead the city only gained money to pay one employee to run the pilot programf for year. The impression is this was all done in great haste to make semblances of some activity. Meanwhile the traffic, bus stop, and class problems continue as before.

        The MUNI budget is 1 billion, so delaying MUNI by even 1% is a hefty sum.

        This is all much milder than the calls to charge tech buses back fines for illegally occupying city infrastructure.

      • landline

        No one in the San Francisco protests “signaled their intent to do harm to…workers.”

        Back up your outlandish statements with evidence. In addition, you are speculating about the motivations of protestors with childish name calling: “envy vigilantes.”

        • John

          The deal was not designed as a revenue source, but only to cover it’s costs, like residential parking permits.

          Extortion is not a game I expect to see the city play.

          • backtotheburbs

            Its not a deal but a bow. Residential parking permits? Where do you get that (reference please)? The 1$/day/stop is just to cover the cost of administering the program, e.g. figuring out which stops are allowed and perhaps enforcing that somehow (we’ll see). Essentially the tech companies now pay a nominal fee for a new service that the city is providing for them and their workers. Meanwhile the impact on MUNI remains, and will only get worse as the tech commuter traffic spikes and more people move to SF, and a chance to improve public infrastructure was denied.

            Mayor Lee claims that jobs in the city are good but I haven’t heard his argument for why SF needs to subsidize jobs outside of the city …

            Envy crusaders like you are extorting the soul out of SF. But apparently there is resistance, it will be an interesting year given that local government has woken up and all of a sudden various (way overdue) things appear to be happening.

          • John

            The reference to RPP’s was cited because they are also issued “at cost” rather than as a racket to extort revenues.

            It would not be reasonable to charge more for such fleeting activity. A shuttle bus uses the stop just 10 times a week.

  2. Kaliman

    The City may have struck a deal on the tech bus do’s and don’ts BUT that’s only a drop in the bucket.

    There will be more and more disruptions as a result of the lazy hand negotiations by the City. The plan is but a gentle pat on the hand — not enough to address the totality of the tech bus impact.

    I reiterate that it is a tech company issue and less the tech workers but if the tech companies are falling in deaf ears then it means they don’t care (enough) and so why should concerned residents take the brunt? Get rid of the buses and put them on a tech terminal. It’s simple.

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