Good Morning Mission!

TGIF, and the drought continues…..

Reuters is reporting that a Google bus stop in the Mission may have security guards.

Questions are afoot with and the app they claim they developed for San Francisco police.

The feds paired with AT&T to track phone calls made by a Norteño clique in South San Francisco — and civil rights attorneys are crying foul.

With all the pedestrian fatalities in the city recently, the cops are gearing up to give a lot more driving tickets.

We all heart San Francisco, but if you’re being priced out — or worse, evicted — check out which city you actually belong in with this nifty BuzzFeed survey.

Today’s Possibilities:

They Mayor’s Disability Council will be discussing access to Muni light rail stops, the Geary Bus Rapid Transit project and the implementation of Walk First pedestrian strategy for seniors and the disabled. City Hall, Room 400, 1-4 p.m. Or you can catch it live on SFGTV.

Freddie Hughes and Chris Burns at the Royal Cuckoo.

“The Scion” and “They Oy of Sex” at the Marsh Theater.

“Sundance Short Films” at Roxie Cinema.

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  1. John

    Why no mention of Edd Lee’s big speech yesterday where he made a bold commitment to building new homes at the fastest rate ever for this city?

    A clear focus on both new jobs and new homes explains why Lee enjoys very good approval ratings.

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