At around 3:15 Thursday morning, a middle-aged man and two young friends were robbed at knifepoint at Dolores Park near 19th and Church streets. Three people — two men and a woman in their twenties — robbed the middle-aged man while one of the suspects brandished a knife at him.

The knife-wielding suspect then found a new victim, who called to a nearby friend for help. The suspect became confused, so the victim and friend took the opportunity to run away up the MUNI tracks. They were chased by the three suspects. The victim fell while running — the suspect with the knife caught up and robbed them.

The friend didn’t let it go without a fight — elbowing the second suspect while being chased and getting into a physical altercation with two of the suspects before all three fled the scene together. No arrests have been made.

Three hours later, at 20th and Harrison, a woman was stabbed in the leg by a machete. She had been approached from behind by a man who said something in Spanish that she didn’t understand. The suspect then stabbed her in the leg, ripped out her lip ring and jumped into a four-door sedan to flee the scene. No arrest has been made. The victim was taken to San Francisco General Hospital by a good samaritan. Her injuries are non-life- threatening.