Brewery Planned for Shotwell Street

Screenshot via Google Maps.

The Local Brewing Company, a, you guessed it, local beer manufacturer is currently exploring the possibility of opening up a brewery at 434 Shotwell St., between 18th and 19th, according to documents submitted to the planning department.

The brewery will also have a tasting room –with a kitchen–that could host up 75 people, according to the letter of determination filed by the owners of the company. It will also have an education center where they plan to host brewing workshops. Company owners, Regan Long and Sarah Fenson, are very early in the process so things could change as they go through the bureaucratic hurdles.

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  1. Godzuki

    No parking and the mission has enough bars and liquor stores. Opening another business like this is borderline inappropriate for the area.

    • John

      Most people walk to bars, and drinking and driving isn’t cool.

      It seems that there is no limit to the number of bars that can do well in the Mission. I wish this place well, along with my favorite watering hole – southern Pacific.

      • Godzuki

        I suppose. People complain about “blight”, but I see vomit all over the place in the AMs from bars.

        • John

          That’s why I always roll my eyes when people whine about the Mission gentrifying. There is more piss, shit and vomit per block in the mission than anywhere in SF, with the possible exception of the TL.

    • pete

      Enough with the negstive nimby-ism please. If you don;t like it, don’t go.

      • Godzuki

        Being concerned that people come into my neighborhood, drink too much, are loud and vomit all over is NIMBY? Wow. Sorry to “bum your high”.

  2. James S

    So these people aren’t related to Local Mission Eatery. Local’s Corner, and Local Mission Market? If that’s the case, they might want to consider changing their name to something more creative. Or they could just go with it and charge $10 a beer for the “locals” who can afford it…

    • nutrisystem

      This is apparently unrelated to the Local’s Corner, etc chain.

      But, interestingly, that chain is in the process of converting another corner bodega at 22nd/Florida into “Local’s Cellar” which will sell “artisanal” alcoholic beverages in classy bottles.

      Regarding “Local Brewing Company”, according to the linked Letter of Determination, the tasting room is 1.5x the size of the actual beer production room. So it seems to me that it’s not truly “light manufacturing”, but rather a kind of BAR disguised as a beer factory.

      • John

        They are called brewpubs or microbrew pubs. We have a number of examples already e.g. Magnolia, Beach Chalet, Social Kitchen, Southern Pacific and so on. There’s a new one opening in Dogpatch, as well.

        People seem to like them as they are usually packed.

        • nutrisystem

          My point was that this is gaming of the planning process.

          This area is zoned UMU “principally light manufacturing”. Once the planning dept. allows one bar in (posing as a “manufacturer”), others will surely follow.

          The risk is that pretty soon we don’t have a manufacturing zone anymore in that area, and I believe manufacturing is important for the health and diversity of the urban ecosystem.

          • John

            Well, the ODC dance studio is 100 yards from there and that isn’t “light industrial” either unless you have a very broad definition of the term.

            A new restaurant opened at 18th and Shotwell, and there is a bar at Shotwell and 20th, 19th and SVN, 19th and Folsom and of course Southern Pacific tucked away there.

            The genie is already out of the bottle and the Mission is a party ‘hood.

      • DoNoHarm

        To be accurate, the letter states the tasting room is just over 30% of the total square footage. The brewery, storage and workshop space make up the other 70%.

  3. Mary

    Will this brewery emit the same odors that breweries like Anchor do? Potrero Hill gets that funky yeast smell during brews.

    • John

      If you’re going to have to live with an aroma, either beer or coffee gets my vote.

      There’s the Southern Pacific brewpub about a block away from there. If you haven’t noticed the aroma from there, you probably won’t notice this one either.

  4. community

    I think this is a really good thing! There is so much packed onto key corridors, yet the mission has the capacity to have active businesses all throughout its interior. Getting more foot traffic through these inner blocks that are away from 24th/valencia/mission will really help.

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