Anti-Displacement League Protest On

Photo by Courtney Quirin.

Here is the news from the Anti-Displacement League:

What: Anti-Displacement Action Against the Impacts of the Tech Boom, Real Estate Speculation and City Politics

Where: Beginning at UN Plaza, marching to three locations

When: 8:30 a.m., Tuesday 1/21/14. We will conclude by 11 a.m. Some of us will reconvene at City Hall at 1 p.m. for the SFMTA Hearing on the Tech Bus Pilot Program

On Tuesday 1/21/14 at 8:30 a.m., a group of activists, organizers, and community members will join together at UN Plaza to protest the augmenting levels of displacement shattering the heart of San Francisco.

The three target locations will highlight what we see as the main causal relationship of displacement in San Francisco: real estate speculators and investors are capitalizing on the tech class that big tech corporations are inputting into the city. The city gives the tech industry major incentives to move in, be they tax breaks or practically free use of public bus stops and other infrastructure. Real estate speculators take advantage of this, abusing state laws such as the Ellis Act to displace longtime residents, disproportionately those who are elderly, disabled, and/or in other ways marginalized. This industry too has long had its hands in the pockets of politicians. The collusion between tech, real estate, and city/state politics is responsible for the unprecedented levels of displacement. Ellis Act evictions have gone up 170% over the last 12 months; no-fault evictions are up 83% over the last three years. Rents are up 20% along tech bus routes, and evictions have skyrocketed in SOMA directly correlating to Twitter settling.

We will march to three locations and will have speakers at each one, including community leaders, writers, and tenants who are being displaced.

We will reconvene at City Hall at 1 p.m. for the SFMTA Board meeting on the $1/bus stop proposal. We maintain that $1 doesn’t stop displacement.

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  1. mission resident

    What is the Anti-Displacement League’s proposal for the tech buses if they do not like the $1 idea? More people might get behind them if they have an idea vs. just opposing other ideas.

    • John

      That criticism can reasonably be leveled at almost any SF progressive.

      They oppose the Twitter tax incentive, shuttle buses, the new proposed stadium 8Wash, tech, the real estate industry, bankers and a whole list of convenient bogeymen.

      But they are really in favor of nothing other than that nothing changes. They want to freeze SF in time, even though SF is the result of decades of evolution.

      They should be called Regressives.

      There really isn’t a progressive ideology at all. It’s merely opposition to any form of change, progress, success and prosperity.

      • mission resident

        I wasn’t criticizing. I was actually asking the question. Someone from their organization must have a proposal. Where do we find that information?

  2. 22nd St

    Don’t these people have jobs to go to?

  3. ThatGuy

    I’m forming a “GET A FUCKING JOB LEAGUE”… Who’s in?

  4. pete

    Can we displace the Anti-Displacement League?

  5. poor.ass.millionaire


    3 words

  6. BellaDancer

    This is not news. This is dissemination of a partisan political document without fact-checking, without sourcing, without balance, without anything that could reasonably be called journalism.

  7. BellaDancer

    I hope you will report with at least equal prominence to this partisan call to action the ACTUAL NEWS that research show that people move out LESS FREQUENTLY in gentrifying neighborhoods.

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