Eric Escobar, who grew up in the neighborhood and has remained here through his education at UC Berkeley, has some interesting thoughts on what he calls the “Transportation Cold War.” Here’s a snippet:

There’s a popular polemic relating to Google that’s been going around for a good while now: Google’s invasion of our streets for the sake of catering to its make-believe San Francisco residents (or Goobers) has infringed on our privacy. Not only do you have the Neo San Francisco issue (out-of-towners scooting locals off the block), but you also have the Transportation Cold War problem (hulking top of the line buses occupying our own MUNI bus stops). In other words, how dare these people not only try to show us what a real San Franciscan should live like (insufferable and aristocratic), but also try to show our city officials how to run a transportation program?

You can read the FULL PIECE HERE.