Faced with what he called a “housing affordability crisis,” Supervisor Scott Wiener proposed 220-square-foot apartments, the size of a parking space, which will run for up to $1,800 per month.

This week Mission Local reporter Courtney Quirin walked down 24th Street and asked Missionites what they thought about these new “micro-apartments.”

Courtney Quirin

Courtney Quirin is a trained wildlife ecologist turned environmental journalist with a knack for photography and visual storytelling. Though her interests span many topics and disciplines, she's particularly...

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  1. Twitter apartments may be an inevitable compromise,. A space the size of single car garage is too small to invite friends too. One effect is that they will move the slider to people doing more socializing and entertaining to shared spaces outside of the domicile, because it is impossible within their own space.

    Its is a shame that Wiener is also pushing legislation criminalize usage of park space in alternative hours, ensuring that less shared social space is available when it is needed more. Other shared spaces through the Rec and Park are now privatized, locked and only available for rental, which is the wrong policy in an era high density twitter spaces

    1. In Manhattan, it’s rare to be invited to someone’s home for dinner because people quite simply do not have the space and often feel self-conscious about the small space they live in.

      Even more so in Hong Kong which has long had homes of this size.

      One result is that both cities are great for eating out. So more micro units in SF could be good for the hospitality trade.

  2. I converted a shipping container and live in that (it’s also mobile). You can definitely live in a small space, but the thoughtfulness that must go into designing/building it is high. And you definitely don’t spend your time “living” in there. You sleep there, it offers a private retreat (hopefully it’s quiet), and you can get ready for the day. That’s about it.

  3. When our nation’s heroes fallen on hard times live in them they are called SRO’s. When kids working 65 hour weeks live in them they are called micro-apartments. Same-Same but different.

    1. Except that SRO’s are bug-infested dumps that should be demolished.

      These micro-units will be new, clean, bright, up to code and perfectly sufficient for someone who is working 60-80 hours a week anyway.

      While everyone who lives in one isn’t competing with and outbidding you for that flat-share or studio in the Mission.

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