Sienna Ruman, 3, feels the texture of Brian Grief's untitled piece from his "Accidental Art" collection. "There's so much texture. They should be able to touch it!" says Grief.

Mission Local gives you a tour of artists not to miss at this year’s Art Explosion Open Studios. The 20th annual exhibit is San Francisco’s largest artist collective, including more than 100 artists this year. The weekend-long event starts today at noon.

Art Explosion Open Studios
Sept. 14 and 15
12 p.m.- 5 p.m.
Studios are located at 2425 17th Street and 744 Alabama Street.

Guisel Contreras

Guisel Contreras credits her keen sense of smell for her love of food. Her super-sniffer led her off the street and into Dandelion Chocolate, where the “Madagascar” won her heart. “I’m excited...

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