The Mission’s Central American Resource Center hailed San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon’s opinion piece in today’s San Francisco Chronicle about the federal government’s immigration-hold policy.

CARECEN strives to empower Latinos, immigrants and families by informing them of their legal rights. This year, the organization set up a gun buyback with with the city and GunbyGun. Last year, CARECEN successfully advocated for undocumented youth to obtain drivers’ licenses.

“As an organization with a long history of advocating for equal treatment of immigration communities, we applaud DA George Gascón for recognizing that no one should be held in jail for extra time, simply because of their perceived immigration status,” said CARECEN Immigration Staff Attorney Laura Polstein via press release.

Gascon wrote:

I have zero tolerance for serious or violent offenders, but we cannot throw out constitutional protections when they are inconvenient. Abandoning these principles under the guise of protecting public safety or controlling unauthorized immigration is not sound public policy, and it does not make us safer. ICE does not need an immigration hold to deport a serious or violent offender, or any offender. It is a luxury that allows them to jail people without compelling evidence.