The inside of Encantada Gallery. Photo courtesy of Encantada Gallery's Facebook page.

After more than 16 years on Valencia Street, Encantada Gallery owner Mia Gonzalez is being evicted. Tonight, she’s inviting the community to a live auction and final ceremony to raise funds for moving and relocating to a new space.

The event (from 5-9 p.m.) will feature art to bid on, jewelry, clothing and fabrics from Latin America, live music, body painting, mezcal and tequila tasting, and handmade chocolates. More details here.

Molly Oleson

As an art enthusiast, Molly Oleson has taken to exploring the Mission streets where she stumbled upon a homeless artist on Valencia, sipping whiskey, as he painted and chatted with passersby. Having just...

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    1. The new owners of her building jacked up her rent to astronomical levels and then evicted her. She calls it “urban deportation”. Valencia Street has become a rich people’s playground. Long time residents and business owners need not apply.

      1. If you want security, buy the real estate. If you’re renting someone else’s real estate, be prepared for changes. The rules have been in effect for longer than any of us have been alive.

      2. Wow. They raised her rent AND evicted her? Amazing. What was her rent before and what did they raise it to?
        Who are the new owners? What’s going in to that space?

        1. Thank you for your comments and questions. We’re currently working on a story about Encantada Gallery. Stay tuned!

  1. Not sad to see this business leave. I stopped supporting this business many many years ago when the owner snubbed some local community artists that I know. I had also frequented her business a lot prior to that for gifts and did not find her to be very friendly.

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