Good Morning Mission!

It’s 7 a.m., 55º and mostly cloudy. It will get a bit warmer later. Details here.

It’s been a difficult week, but we have BART back. For now. How much did the strike cost the Bay Area economy? NBC takes a look.

Some love Tacolicious, some hate it. But the restaurants are doing good and the owners have just opened a new location in North Beach, also featuring artwork by Paul Madonna. If you prefer to stay in the Mission — and why not? — you may want to know that Amber Dhara got a chef from Washington D.C. restaurant Rasika, Manish Tyagi, to revamp the menu, and now Rasika’s owners are suing Tyagi for breach of contract. Check all the food news on 7×7.

Zappos founder Tony Hsieh wants to build a version of the Mission district in San Francisco — or the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn — in downtown Vegas. Read the disconcerting news on Uptown Almanac.

Enjoy the weekend!

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