A note to a bicycle thief was left on a lone tire on Valencia Street. See below to read a clear version of it.

The following note was posted on a lone bicycle tire on Valencia Street on April 19 sometime between 8:30 and 9 p.m.:

Dear Whomever Stole My Bike,

If by chance you happen to see this…

#1.) The red firenze that you took was my mother’s.

#2.) I fixed it up with the last of my savings.

#3.) I work hard, go to school, & don’t have much of anything as far as $ and material goods go.

#4. (Underlined three times): I also have plenty of doctor’s appointments to go to. I don’t drive (Nor do I know how to. Too broke for a car anyway.) My bike was all I had…to get me to my oncologist apts. YES (underlined) you robbed a broke ass, 25 yr old cancer patient. I’m sad & angry. Biking made me happy. Sorry you need to steal. Life is hard no? Have a good day. Email Me. 00russo@gmail.com

(Surrounded by stars at the top of the note:)

Sign stealers, (I do it too)

pls keep my sign on my ex-bike…take a pic…

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