Project Artaud Residents Troubled by Anti-Semitic Graffiti

Courtesy of JWeekly

JWeekly reports that on Feb. 12, residents of Project Artaud, a live-work complex for artists, made a troubling discovery when they stepped outside: anti-Semitic graffiti, including a swastika and the words “RIP Adolph Hitler,” had appeared on the sidewalk. A few days later another piece graffiti appeared; this one said “Death to Jews” in French.

Residents filed a report with the police, who are investigating the incident. More graffiti was found on 17th, Alabama and Mariposa streets. From the JWeekly:

Traveling Jewish Theatre, later called the Jewish Theatre San Francisco before its demise last year, used to be located at 470 Florida St., a close neighbor of the Project Artaud building. Golob and other residents thought there might be some connection between the theater’s marquee and signs — several of which are still up — and the area the tagger chose for the graffiti.

She and other residents reported the vandalism to the San Francisco Police Department and a few days later to the San Francisco office of the Anti-Defamation League. Nancy Appel, the ADL’s associate regional director, helped bring the case to the SFPD’s hate crimes division.

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  1. Friend

    The City SHOULD clean this graffiti off quickly. Saw some similar on 16th Street in that area.

  2. DPClean

    Here are reports of a similar graffiti to the City made on February 19 at 17th Street between Treat and Harrison

    sidewalk on 17th Street between Harrison and Alabama —

    And today
    offensive graffiti on sidewalk by corner of Treat and 16th

    Readers, Please ask the City to quickly clean the graffiti instead of telling the property owners that they have 30 days to clean the graffiti under their own expenses.

  3. Fred

    Hope this is just some bored teenagers trying to get attention and not something more sinister. Agree with others that it should be cleaned up right away.

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