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A woman reported to police that a man attempted to sexually assault her early Jan. 6 in the area of 23rd and Guerrero streets. Police are still searching for the suspect and are asking for the public’s help.

Officer Albie Esparza told Mission Local that the victim was walking on 23rd Street between Guerrero and San Jose at about 2:40 a.m. Sunday when she noticed a man who was acting suspicious, she told police. She tried to distance herself from him but he was able to attack her, pushed her to the ground and straddled her, Esparza said.

The victim told police that the man was attempting to rape her. She sent an e-mail to neighborhood groups to alert people. In the e-mail, she wrote:

As I turned up 23rd street, I noticed a man walking to me that ‘zero-ed’ in on my presence, locking eyes on me. There was no side street to turn down, and I didn’t want to turn around, exposing my back to him, so I kept walking. As we neared each other, I tried to walk around a tree quite close to the curb, before I could do so he lunged at me.

He knew what he was doing and how to attack someone. He went first for my eye socket with his thumb and put his other hand in my mouth to stifle my screams and slammed me down to the ground. He was using the hand in my mouth and on my jaw to try and slam my head on the concrete, presumably to knock me out. Once I was down on the ground he straddled me pinning down my arms. After about 15s of struggling just to avoid him knocking me out, I was able to use all my strength to surge up on my right side to unpin that arm. Since I’m a climber, I’m strong, and I don’t think he was expecting this and was unprepared for that maneuver. Luckily through this move and some biting, I was also able to get his hand out of my mouth and started screaming – first just yelling and then screaming for help. I struggled with him while screaming and trying to avoid him knocking me out for another 30s until a couple in a house several houses down the street threw open their window and turned on lights. This scared him away.

The suspect fled and police drove around the area to search for him but weren’t unable to locate him. Authorities described the suspect as an 5’8-tall Asian man who weighs approximately 160 pounds, between the ages of 20 and 30. He has a buzzcut and a slight beard and was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and dark pants.

The victim suffered non-life threatening injuries including a bruised eye and back, and scratches on her face. If you have any information, please contact SFPD at 415-575-4444.