New Valencia Street Condo Going For Over 3/4 of $1 Million

Photo by Vanguard Properties/SF.

The San Francisco Chronicle is spotlighting a new condo at 441 Valencia St. with an asking price of $759,000.

The condo, which looks like something straight out of an Ikea catalog, has a private roof deck and is right down the street from Four Barrel Coffee.

Beyond the specter of gentrification run amok, it raises the question of who can afford a place like this — especially at 820 square feet.

Maybe this guy, but then again, he already owns property in the Mission.

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  1. anonimodesf

    Hideous looking. and the materials look cheaper than Ikea.

  2. SF Resident

    After they sell, perhaps you can do a follow up story on the new homeowners. My bet is that most of them are smart and hardworking. Hopefully they will contribute to the community.

  3. Bob

    Looks like a good addition to the neighborhood.

  4. RhinestoneGrrl

    Hmmm, a lot of sour grapes in the comments to the Chronicle story and inherent in the reporting here. The quip about it looking straight out of an Ikea catalog tells me that the author doesn’t know very much about design trends, what furniture/fixtures really cost, or the difference between looking at the staging of an apartment versus actually assessing what you’re getting when you purchase the unit. Meanwhile, the reporting could’ve included more facts about this space. For instance, this is a “new” condo? Is it from a new building, or newly remodeled? And if it’s a new building, what are the other units going for? Why does this unit get a private roof garden? Do all the units? Is parking included? All of that said, this unit seems slightly over-priced, like you’re paying for the fancy fixtures, rather than square footage, which would be a much more enduring, sound investment.

  5. Brenda

    Not an Ikea catalog? Hm… It is certainly decorated like one, I spotted these:

    Ikea Reidar chairs
    Ikea Malm beds
    Ikea Smörboll duvet cover
    Ikea Vilmie Ruta pillow
    Ikea Vinranka duvet cover
    Ikea Nyvoll drawer chests
    Ikea Vårlikt vases
    Ikea Kulla table lamp white
    Ikea Papaja plant pot
    Ikea Gullholmen rocking chair
    Ikea Stockholm pillow
    Ikea Palmlilja duvet cover
    Ikea Kulla table lamps black
    Ikea Kivik sofa
    Ikea Stockholm Blad pillow
    Ikea Strind coffee table
    Ikea Tullsta chairs
    Ikea Alseda stools
    Ikea Bjursta table
    Ikea Nordmyra chairs
    Ikea Oväntad vase

  6. TL

    I casually watched it get built. It is a new building. Used to be parking.

    $925 a square foot, they must think this is Manhattan.

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