Man Robs Bank on Valencia Street

A man in his early to mid-thirties robbed a bank on Valencia near 14th Street Thursday evening. He walked into the bank, handed the teller a note demanding money, the teller complied and the suspect fled in an unknown direction.

Police didn’t disclose the amount of money stolen. No arrests have been made.

The incident happened at 6:10 p.m. Thursday.

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  1. Neighbor

    Do you mean 14th and Valencia? I saw police cars outside Chase yesterday evening.

    • kp

      We told you so Chase! You made a bank next to the Valencia Gardens… Try solving this robbery now without creating a PR disaster (the guy who did it lives across the street)!

      • john levin

        How do you know they lived across the strew. Wht not the Sunset, The Marina, or perhaps Sillycon Valley?

        But perhaps you feel safe making this assumoption based on class and race?

        • kp


          Pleases learn how to spell “Street”, Silicon and “Assumption”.

          I did not make assumptions based on class or race. Bank robbers come from different classes and races.

  2. scum

    That didn’t take long.

  3. Joe Wiley

    They’ll just install on of those human mouse traps with the locking doors at the entrance, lock them in when they try to run out. We still won’t know anything about who they are or where they’re from though. That’s just wishful thinking.

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