Woman Robbed at 24th and Mission

A woman was robbed at 24th and Mission streets at 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday. A suspect, described by police as an 18-year-old male, approached the victim and pulled her to the ground. He then snatched her necklace and medallion and fled on foot.

The victim’s shoulder was bruised during the incident. No arrest has been made.

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  1. SafeStreets

    really? at 5:45pm on a wed? why didn’t someone tackle the kid? As a community we should not let people get away with such crap. He should have gotten thrown to the ground by a mob of angry citizens and kicked until the police arrived to mop his bloody body up and haul him to jail.

    • agreed we *should* do that but sometimes it’s so fast and people might be afraid.

    • Yeah these things do happen fast. I’ve been there. Sometimes you can help, sometimes you can’t. Too bad people feel it’s ok to try this kind of thing during rush hour though.

      • randolph mortimer

        If you were a criminal and you looked at the Mission and how crime is tolerated and even enabled there on a daily basis, wouldn’t you feel it’s OK as well?

        • marco

          Agree. There’s is such an anti-police attitude here that the police seem to have basically given up on following up or solving crimes.

          • loinscum

            That aside, the issue is more people not being aware of their surroundings. Why bother to follow up on a silly iphone or a medallion when people are being shot in broad daylight?

            priorities man, priorities.

          • I do wonder when the anti-police attitude in the mission will end. How bad does it have to get? People hate cops until they need one. Eventually everyone here will need one.

          • Eddie

            Actually Fred, I would hazard a guess that most Mission residents have never needed or will ever need a cop.

  2. Daniel

    Seems like all the crimes posted on here are quick come ups. It’s shady in the mission. If you’re gonna flaunt your shit be ready to get jacked! If you wanna avoid it always be aware of your surroundings and tuck your chain and keep your phone in your pocket.

  3. HotMessSF

    Its funny though. Last night Nob Hill has a huge drama unfold. Was it a shot heard? lolol I have never seen so many swat out. My daughter and I laughed. All the Nob Hill residents were evacuated and waiting on the side walk….all upset. We told them the complimentary latte cart was about to arrive and Niemans was coming with wool gloves to make then more comfortable. Then here is the mission…people getting knocked down at dinner time….nothing nothing nothing is done.

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