Where Does Your Donation Go?

Our website is free to access, but bringing you local news seven days a week is expensive. With $50,000 (and small donations from loyal readers like you), here’s what we can do at Mission Local:

Pay for a translator so you can read your local news in Spanish and English.
Meet Andrea Valencia: she’s been translating all of our feature articles for the past four years. She’s also our interpreter, always willing to go out with reporters to conduct interviews in Spanish and translate. She’s been asked to cover breaking news, including a double stabbing, and, as recently as yesterday, a traffic accident, as well as shoot and edit videos such as one on the Latino vote.

Pay for the time we spend training students at local schools.

Every week, Andrea Valencia and Molly Roy teach students at Buena Vista Horace Mann about local journalism. They’ve taught them how to conduct interviews, shoot video and take photos.

Pay for our print edition, to make sure that even Mission residents without Internet access get our news.
The print edition comes out four times per year and we distribute it ourselves around the neighborhood.

Help support local freelancers and pay reporters who work during the breaks and on holidays.
We love discovering talented storytellers in the neighborhood.

Meet Claudia Escobar, a talented videographer, who started contributing to our Flickr pool a while back and has since become a contributor, submitting stories like this one on the Virgen de Guadalupe and this one on artist Calixto Robles. She also teaches a video workshop at Mission Local and helps train anyone who knocks on our doors.

Meet Rigoberto Hernandez, one of the hardest-working journalists we know. He started writing for Mission Local in 2009 while in school at San Francisco State University. He’s the one you’ll see at most crime scenes, even if it’s 3 a.m., and the one who digs up stories like this restaurant health inspection series that won a national award and made the city change its policy. He’s now a first-year student in UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, and sends us breaking news tips even when he’s not working.

Meet Molly Roy, a cartographer who made Mission Possible, a neighborhood atlas … well, possible. Molly has created maps to illustrate stories such as this one. She also does graphic design for us, makes sure you receive your weekly Mission Local newsletter and even writes stories and shoots videos.

Help pay for our newsroom.
Our rent is going up and we can’t afford the office we’re in anymore. We use our newsroom to train students from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and contributors from the community. We’ve trained undergraduate students from various universities, including SF State, Northwestern and University of Arizona, to write news stories and shoot and edit videos.

We’ve raised $781 so far. Want to do your part to help support local journalism? To donate, click here. You can also send a donation via Paypal (send money to missionlocal@gmail.com).

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  1. jls

    You guys rock! Doing the best journalism in the Bay on a shoe-string budget. Props!!!

  2. Josh

    I can pass this around to reach a wider audience, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be helpful to look at the idea of taking submissions for other sections of the city. For example, the couple who ran http://www.thetender.us have moved on, and there isn’t a replacement.
    Perhaps, Mission: Local. Would be a better way to bring in more views.

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