The Mission Is Over, According to SF Tastemakers

Eater SF asked food writers which was the city’s best dining neighborhood in 2012, and not surprisingly, many mentioned the Mission. Some are totally over it, however.

From Eater SF:

Jonathan Kauffman, Tasting Table: Clearly, this is the year when Valencia Street jumped the shark. No, really, people: OPEN YOUR DAMN RESTAURANT SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Amy Sherman, Bay Area Bites: The Mission and the Valencia Street corridor in particular.

Paolo Lucchesi, Inside Scoop SF: When your newcomer tally includes Wise Sons, Local’s Corner, Namu Gaji, Izakaya Yuzuki and Southern Pacific before even mentioning Valencia, the Mission wins again. Maybe we should start dividing the Mission up into quadrants so this can be a fair question every year. But since we’re playing for second place at this point, Old Oakland had a pretty big year with District, Borgo Italia, Miss Ollie’s and company at that intersection; hopefully it can sustain its momentum.

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  1. Steve

    10 opinions listed. 2 are anti-Mission, 7 pro-Mission, one doesn’t mention the Mission. Maybe you could have your headline actually reflect what’s in the article, or perhaps even seek out opinions yourself and write your own article? This isn’t the kind of journalism that deserves a donation.

    • who_the

      @Steve: Lighten up man! It’s a mildly amusing and mildly informative fun piece. Nothing more. Sheesh.

      Taken in the aggregate (no pun intended) Mission Local generally produces an important and interesting body of work. Sharing other sites’ stories about the Mission is just a sliver of their overall contribution to our beloved Mission, where I was born and hope to die.

      And the headline was accurate, if not a bit of a stretch. ‘Tastemakers’ is more than one. As you yourself wrote, two opinions were (harshly) anti-Mission.

      Lastly, if your intention through donating is micro-managing every 250-word story that a diverse, multi-faceted journalism organization produces, then go take your $25 over to the Bay Citizen and see how far it gets you.

  2. Joe Wiley

    I was born and raised here also, the fact that I cannot afford to eat at most of the places on Valencia has made me realize perhaps I’ve already died here. May as well be a ghost.

    • gordon

      don’t blame the thriving neighborhood. blame the schools that didn’t give you the tools to be successful.

      • Eddie

        Joe may very well be “successful.” Plenty of “successful” people work in lower paying fields, like teaching, social services, helping professions, etc.

        The distortions of the present economic system are steering the “best and the brightest” into industries, like social networking or smart phone game development, that may pay well but provide little social good.

        Some byproducts of this market distortion and its accompanying speculative bubble are the expensive housing and restaurants in this once working class neighborhood that are out of reach for people like me, Joe Wiley and many other Mission residents.

        • randolph mortimer

          If providing social good was a requirement for doing business, most of the shops along Mission Street would not exist, and the Mission would have even less working class residents. Your understanding of economics seems to be pretty limited.

          Also, why do you hate tech workers? Jealousy? Racism against Asians and Indians?

          • Eddie

            How you interpreted hatred towards tech workers from my comment is beyond me.

            My point was not that social good was a requirement for doing business, just that compensation does not equal success and that the current economic system more highly rewards speculative endeavors that contribute little to social welfare than to social needs, like education, affordable housing, etc.

            Your accusation of racism is beyond contempt.

    • Blurpy

      There’s plenty of affordable eating on Valencia Street.

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