San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr has launched a campaign advocating the use of stun guns in San Francisco, according to the Examiner. If approved, a pilot program would give the weapons to 103 officers and also provide special training to help them deal with mentally unstable people.

This is not the first time a police chief has advocated the use of Tasers. The proposal has met with strong opposition from some city leaders, including supervisors John Avalos and Christina Olague.

Alicia Avila

A swap meet aficionado, the Mission’s outdoor markets and Latino community remind Alicia of her family’s weekly swap meet outings at home, in southeast Los Angeles, where she is always on the lookout...

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  1. Seems like a good idea. Give them the right tool for the situation. The police should have a variety of non-lethal options. As it is now, since they have nothing in the middle, it is very easy to escalate to guns. Tasers would give them a less violent way to deal with out-of-control crazies (of which we have plenty!).

    This would help reduce violence in the streets.

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