It’s 7:10 a.m. and 55º. Your Saturday will start off cloudy, but no need to worry — the sun will be out in the afternoon, with temperatures going up to 71º.

It wasn’t just adults who called in sick on Wednesday so they could go to the Giants’ World Series parade; SF Appeal via Bay City News reports that many children didn’t make it to class:

Throughout the San Francisco Unified School District, records at about half of the district’s 72 elementary and K-8 schools, 12 middle schools and 15 high schools showed attendance rates dropped compared to average school days, especially for older students, according to district officials.

High schools saw 75 percent attendance rates, down from the usual 96.4 percent, while middle schools dipped to 86.6 percent from the average 97.7 percent attendance.

Tonight is the 13th annual Potrero Hill History Night at International Studies Academy on De Haro and 18th streets. There will be an interview with San Francisco Chronicle journalist Carl Nolte, who grew up on the Hill, and a talk about “The Mystery of Mission Creek.”