Police said that approximately 20 people gathered near the 16th and Mission Street BART plaza Thursday night after a shooting involving an officer, but dispersed before midnight. The Mission police station was also vandalized.

Camden Spanke, a bar patron, told Mission Local that he was standing by the police station at 10:45 p.m. when about 30 people approached. They tried to break the station’s windows using sticks, and some spraypainted the word “Killers.”

The protesters then walked back to 16th and Mission streets, where the video above was taken.

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Rigoberto Hernandez

Rigoberto Hernandez is a journalism student at San Francisco State University. He has interned at The Oregonian and The Orange County Register, but prefers to report on the Mission District. In his spare time he can be found riding his bike around the city, going to Giants games and admiring the Stable building.

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  1. I simply don’t understand the rationale for this protest. I can’t connect it with anything real. Seriously, what are they thinking? What are they trying to say? This makes about as much sense as the damage done to small businesses during the last “flash anger” demonstration on Valencia. Cynicism aside what is going on?

  2. Lets arm old grandmothers in the Mission to the teeth and train them extensively to defend the community. They will not hesitate to drop a young punk…and if the hipsters want to protest in front of the Mission station, the SFPD can call in the old Granny firing squad to rescue their position.

  3. these protestors are morons.

    And any 12 year old should know that you *don’t* run from cops unless you are a criminal or have something to hide. Its like standing up in court and saying “I’m guilty of something”

    So, yes, I’m willing to believe the official narrative. Its not like guns are rare around here. They should be. With more cops and more undercover operations like this there is a chance that the scum and gangs and guns will decrease. We can hope.

    1. U must be white, LOL.
      Try telling that to thr black or latin youth population who have historically been the victims of countless police brutality and corruption scandals .

  4. These folks need to take off the cheezy black bandanas and go back to Occupying their parents’ basement.

  5. Maybe they all couldn’t get on Bart and said fuck let’s be hipsters and walk to 20 mission turn back to mission and 16 and hopefully we by time and the Bart is open again I hear some got shot by and undercover officer yea that’s a good one fuck the police lets go the station on Valencia yea

  6. Was there ever any word of a weapon being recovers at the scene there was a tek 9 there is no word police saying they recovered the fully loaded weapon how can we get more info was the man shot a juvenile or a gang member on the gang injunction was he Latino or African American or should I just call sfpd station and ask mission local

        1. It’s a sad day when the proper use of periods and commas is perceived (look it up) as a sign of gentrification.
          Where I’m from, it’s called “literacy.”

  7. The initial eyewitness reports that I am aware of contradict the bulk of the official police story. People who witnessed the event firsthand agree with the police narrative up until the point where the young man began to flee, it as at this point that the stories diverge. The eyewitnesses state that the young man did not point a weapon at police and was simply running when the police fired 3 shots at him, hitting him in the back.

    Of course there are some people who are very quick to believe that every working class black or latino youth in the city is armed to the teeth, but, for the most part, it seems like the majority of the mission district residents I spoke with last night are extremely skeptical of the official narrative.

    Being that this is the same department that brought you fajitagate and last year’s warrantless SRO break-in fiasco (that resulted in 57 criminal cases being dropped) it should be clear that this is a department that is willing to break the law and cover up evidence.

    1. Thanks for that thug. Trying to track down info on this- did the witnesses stick around or give their names?

      1. No one stuck around. The police cleared 14th street and had it taped off from Mission to South Van Ness for hours.

  8. I’m really tired of these professional protesters showing up here all the time, making a mess, then leaving those of us who actually live here to clean up the mess! They don’t even bother to get their facts straight! The cops shot a suspected gangbanger who pulled a tek-9 on them. That’s a GOOD thing! I don’t want people running around my hood whipping out tek-9’s at people, I WANT the police to apprehend them! The gunshot victim had a non-life-threatening injury, so accusing the cops of being “killers” in this situation is just plain silly.

    If people REALLY want to do something positive in the Mission, they can pick up the trash, paint over the graffiti tags, bring homecooked meals to the elderly and infirm, volunteer their time to make this a better place. But coming in, breaking stuff, making a mess, then hopping their BART trains back to Oakland is NOT cool!

    1. Sigh….why does Rhinestone Girl assume they are from Oakland? We have people come here and protest and leave again just like she does in the Mission–don’t put it on Oakland, find somewhere else please. Am sick of the “professional protestors” coming here too FYI.

    2. RIGHT ON SISTER! rhinestonegrrl! stupid ppl jumping on a bandwagon after a game of telephone. i feel like these protesters ‘need’ something to do and protesting is as good as anything to fill the time. ugh.

    3. Yeah, I’m really tired of these people exercising their civil liberties to speak out against things that they believe to be wrong!! If they really want to do something positive in the Mission, they’ll only participate in activities that NO ONE finds objectionable! If people might get mad at you for saying something, you probably shouldn’t say it! You can totally tell these protesters are from the East Bay because if they could afford to live in the Mission, they wouldn’t have so many opinions that aren’t about the next cool app! Losers!

  9. If this is because of the shooting covered earlier today, then I seriously don’t get the idiots in this city anymore.

    Someone pulls a gun on the cops, the cops shoot. I don’t know what world these protesters live on, but “Only shoot when you give them a chance to shoot at you first” is a crappy policy.

    And I thought we reached our quota of stupid protests with the MUNI disruption a few months ago.

  10. I hope the shooting is fully investigated. But what’s the point of this video? These people seem dreadful and cruel and pointless.

  11. And to think, I decided to move out of this neighborhood b/c it was too expensive. Hope the recently-hired Google and Zynga kids are liking their new digs. Sending my love from BK.

        1. oh please, with that hair? also it’s “lolz” not “lol’s”. get your shit straight bro.
          go back to the marina, you’re embarrassing us.

          1. You sound mad that you can’t afford to live here. Brooklyn – where failed Mission hipsters go to whine.