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Photo of what Mission Local looks like todayMissionLocal's new design.

Dear readers, as you may have noticed, the website has a new look this morning. Mission Local, founded in 2008, has had few updates in its four-year run thus far, and it was time for a fresh look. More important, we updated a lot of things under the hood, and hope that these changes will make the site run more smoothly and offer a greater range of options for accessing the site. Here are just a few of the changes we’ve made:

  • Mission Local has been converted to HTML5, with reduced dependency on Flash for such elements as photo galleries, videos and audio clips. This should improve multimedia presentation on mobile devices and tablets, starting with new articles.
  • The site automatically adjusts to various screen sizes, such as those found on mobile and tablet devices.
  • The site now offers better Facebook and Twitter integration, so photos and videos will appear on these services when posting or mentioning articles.
  • “Inline” photos, which appear next to articles, are now clickable and will open a larger version in a pop-up box (click the photos to the right for an example).
  • We have a new dynamic front-page mechanism that allows editors to change the top story layouts of the day’s news. You may notice that on some days we’ll run a slide show of the top stories, while on others we’ll use a more static layout with a single story.
  • More accessibility features have been added for vistors who use screen readers and those who have vision impairments.
  • From time to time you may see news callouts, to promote breaking news on the front page.

And many more features are in store to improve your viewing experience.

Now, I must qualify these statements by adding that it’s a work in progress. Some of the custom news packages that we ran in the past may have broken in the switchover. We’ll work to repair those as quickly as we can.

Please let us know what you think: feel free to share any suggestions you might have for new features or ways we can improve the site to aid in your viewing experience.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the new site.

Jeremy Rue
Web developer

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  1. And I thought a good thing couldn’t get better. Excellent up grade! Congratulations ML!

  2. I do love your website- better news, better written…

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