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A group of bystanders helped police arrest a man after he assaulted a woman at the intersection of Harrison and 17th streets Monday afternoon. Police told Mission Local that the driver had assaulted another person minutes earlier.

“The man’s motive in [either incident] is yet to be determined,” said Sgt. Kevin Healy, adding that the first incident happened farther north along Harrison Street.

Jacob Shaw, who works at a business near the intersection, said that it’s common to hear drivers honk their horns at 17th and Harrison streets.

“But then we heard a woman screaming, and we ran outside,” he said.

Linda Leery, who was driving through the intersection when the incident happened at about 1:50 p.m. Monday, told Mission Local that she saw the man, who drove a light-blue Jaguar, drive through a stop sign on Harrison Street without stopping.

As he entered the intersection, the victim, who was driving a black Honda CRV and had the right-of-way, also entered the intersection from the east. The two cars stopped before colliding and the woman honked her horn.

According to Peter, an eyewitness who declined to give his last name, the man stopped in front of the woman’s car and backed up to block her.

The man then got out of his car and ran to open the woman’s driver-side door, said Leery. After failing to open the victim’s door, the man tore off one of the Honda CRV’s windshield wipers and was able to open her door. He then beat her between five and 10 times with the wiper, said Leery.

“She was screaming and bleeding, and plastic from the windshield wiper was flying everywhere,” said Leery, who then drove in front of the man’s parked Jaguar in case he tried to flee.

“I’m not going to let you leave,” Leery said to the man.

When a group of bystanders approached the man, he tried to get away. The bystanders were able to stop him before he got into his car, Leery said, and one person took the man’s keys out of the Jaguar.

The group then forced the man to the ground and he stopped struggling. They released him so he could stand, at which point he tried to flee again on foot, said Leery. That’s when they encircled him until police could arrive.

The victim was conscious but bleeding heavily from the face when paramedics helped her into the ambulance.

In the first incident, the driver of the Jaguar injured another male driver’s thumb and gave him a fat lip, Heely said.