Yvonne Huang of Bernal Heights and her daughter eat Fried Daikon Cake from Rice Paper Scissors. Photo by Jamie Goldberg

An occasional collection of bites. Have you eaten anything good or bad, or seen a good scene while you munched? Send in your short bites to missionlocal@gmail.com. Full names only.

Fried daikon cake from Rice Paper Scissors, $3. “It’s really good. My 15-month-old loves it too. I’ve had daikon cake in different forms, but not fried in this fashion. I’m used to having it lightly fried and steamed. The topping on this one really compliments the dish.” — Yvonne Huang, Bernal Heights resident and Street Food Festival patron

Quezadilla huitlacoche from La Torta Gorda, $5. If you’re looking for unique Mexican food, this is the dish for you. The quezadilla was filled with corn, huitlacoche and lots of cheese. The green salsa was delicious and really spicy. It was different from any quesadilla I’ve ever had, and I wanted to go back for more. — Jamie Goldberg

Egg cream from Wise Sons Deli, $3. What’s the secret to egg cream? The secret to egg cream is that it’s not egg cream. It’s actually equal parts chocolate sauce and whole milk, fused with seltzer water. Wise Sons’ concoction was exceptionally creamy and fizzy. This chocolaty bubble-shake is the perfect wash-down when you need to cool off. — Yoona Ha

Tri-colored root slaw ($3) and slow-cooked pork banh mi ($6) from Banh Mi Love You Longtime. “It’s really great coleslaw. It’s really nutty, obviously, covered in nuts and it’s just insanely good. I’ve had banh mi before and this is probably one of the best ones I’ve had. They just go really well. I would eat this regularly if I could.” — Kristen, Street Food Festival patron

La mia oca burata from Mozzeria, $7. “I’m a cheese lover, so the amount of cheese that I actually eat is insane and kinda embarrassing. It’s a creamy goat cheese. Mozzeria is a cheese-oriented shop, obviously, and this was just really good. It was the third best thing I’ve ever had this day. I ate so much I don’t even remember what I had except for that they were all good.” — Andrew, Street Food Festival patron

Wrapped bacon hot dog from Leo’s Hot Dogs, $4. “Of all the hot dogs I’ve had, I’d say that this is pretty awesome. I don’t even know what kind of meat this is except that it’s bacon-wrapped. I’m just eating whatever they handed to me. The onions and jalapenos go really well with this hot dog.” — Zach, Street Food Festival patron

S’mores from Kika’s Treats, $3. These made me feel like I was on a camping trip in the middle of San Francisco. The marshmallows were roasted to perfection and combined with chocolate and a graham cookie. This dessert really satisfied my sweet tooth. The only downside was that when I was done, my fingers were really sticky! But I guess that’s to be expected with s’mores. — Jamie Goldberg

Jamie Goldberg

Before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge from the suburbs, Jamie Goldberg was a softball player with a passion for sports reporting. Politics drive her crazy. But on trips down Mission streets, the ones...

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