Dolores Park on Earth Day.

Dolores Park was trashed yesterday for the Fourth of July, writes the Chronicle.

Four gardeners worked five hours each this morning, starting at 6 a.m., to clean up the mess. They filled 60 60-gallon trash bags with items like sandwich wrappers, food containers, empty beer boxes and plastic cups.

The crowd, which was estimated to number about 4,000 over the day, left behind “a mountain of garbage,” Denny Kern, operations manager for the Recreation and Park Department, told the Chronicle.

This isn’t the first time the park was found littered in recent months. Just this April, neighbors awoke to find it trashed on Earth Day.

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  1. I’m sorry, but this is a simple problem to address. I believe we’re simply lacking political will and proper management to care for our park.

    I know this may be unpopular, but I think this park is terribly poorly managed. As for July 4 – how about putting up proper garbage disposal sites?!? (Park and Rec and Sunset Scavenger both point the finger at the other saying “it’s not my problem”) I was there (as I am on most days) and there are really poor garbage collection locations and NO presence of authority of any kind. When I was a kid, we actually got BUSTED for buying drugs or raising hell in Dolores Park.

    Nobody likes more police supervision, but face it – the park’s usage has increased exponentially in recent years, yet services have remained lackingly behind or downright reduced. Park and Rec does the bare minimum (ensuring job security for them, I suppose). Police presence is non existent most of the time. But the place is crawling with moronic adolescents of all ages.

    Enough is enough. Do a better job! The “users” of the park simply don’t give a damn – while those of us who live here, pay rent, pay property taxes, who foster the open arms loving nature for the city that attracted these people in the first place, suffer their misuse and abuse of our neighborhood.

    SF is a world class city, but we treat our most precious public places like a third world garbage dump. Do what the Europeans do with their parks – not what the third world does to theirs.

    Where are Campos and Weiner on this issue?

  2. Yep, its those damn people from the East Bay and/or those rich 1%!

    Us local (from somewhere out of state) hipsters (living off of our rich parents) would never leave our PBR cans and tamale wrappers behind.

  3. Consequence of the invasion of the Mission by the young tech yuppie set. The Wall Street Journal fawned that Dolores Park has become the hangout for the tech site, while the park is commercialized in advertisements and Pottery Barn condiments. Douchebags galore have descended upon us, and the sudden increase in trash is due to their weak since of civic pride (they’re here primarily for the money and will be gone in a poof when the tech slump arrives–transients, essentially). Morons.

  4. Basically, any time there are festivities that draw the bridge-and-tunnel crowd to the park, it gets trashed. I pretty much wish they’d just stay away.