The Tamale Lady Gets an App

Ever wonder where the Tamale Lady is when you need her most? Now there’s an app to help you find her whereabouts, and it’s called — you guessed it — the Tamale Lady Finder app, created by Win Raguini.

Here’s how it works: Someone who knows where she is must check her into the app, using the Twitter account @tamaleladyshere. Her location will then show up on a map.

Raguini, who works as an iPhone developer for a startup in the city, created the app last Saturday during a one-day hackathon.

He came up with the idea one night after hanging out in the Mission. “I wanted tamales, but I couldn’t find her,” he says. “I was sure someone was with her and could tell me where.”

The Tamale Lady Finder will most likely be in the app store this weekend, says Raguini. He hopes people will find it useful.

“She’s always at Zeitgeist in the afternoon, but then afterward, when the night gets crazier, she starts roaming.”

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  1. This makes me so happy and I don’t even live in SF! I live in Virginia!!! But I dream about the Tamale Lady and her delicious tamales all the time!!

    • cfabb

      As awesome as this sounds, and I know love some tamales myself when I’m hanging out at Toronado, isn’t it kind of a bad idea because the health department is also trying to track her down?

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