Alleged ‘Fake Plastic Surgeon’ Appears in Court

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Carlos Guzmangarza, a San Francisco man who allegedly performed plastic surgery without a license from his “clinic” on Mission Street and faces 17 felony charges, including rape, appeared briefly in court with his attorney Tuesday morning. Guzmangarza was scheduled for a preliminary hearing but his attorney, Michelle Tong, asked for the court date to be pushed back to Aug. 20.

So far nine victims have spoken out against the so-called fake doctor, who operated from 2590 Mission St. between 21st and 22nd streets.

The reason for the postponement, said Tong, is that there are “about 4,000 pages of discovery” to go through, including reports of physical evidence in addition to audiotapes from witnesses in Spanish.

In April, Assistant District Attorney Evan Ackiron added three counts of rape to the charges against Guzmangarza, which means that the 49-year-old could spend up to 30 years in prison.

The office of Guzmangarza was located on the second floor of the Mission Market building. Photo by Rigoberto Hernandez.

The charges include counts for practicing medicine without a license, false impersonation, identity theft, assault with force likely to cause great bodily harm, grand theft, sexual penetration by foreign or unknown object against the victim’s will, unlawful oral copulation and rape.

“Thanks to the widespread attention this case has received, more victims have [come] forward,” District Attorney George Gascón said in a statement in April.

Guzmangarza operated a dermatology clinic known as Derma Clinic on the second floor of the Mission Market building. Merchants who came in contact with him throughout the three to five years he operated from the clinic told Mission Local in April that he referred to himself as a plastic surgeon who performed everything from breast implants to hymen reconstructive surgery.

In 2010, Guzmangarza allegedly picked up a victim from her house, drove her to his office, and had her hold the IV bag as he smoked a cigar while performing liposuction. A few days after the surgery, Guzmangarza allegedly showed up at the victim’s house with six pounds of fat that he had removed from her, which he dumped down her toilet.

The victim learned that Guzmangarza was not a licensed doctor after her abdomen became infected and she was forced to see another doctor for follow-up treatment. It’s not clear how she found out that he was unlicensed.

“There’s a lot of false allegations made against him,” Tong, Guzmangarza’s attorney, told Mission Local Tuesday morning. “Everything remains to be seen.”

Guzmangarza has been in custody since December 2011, and his bail has been set at $1 million.

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  1. Neighbor

    What a creep. I hope the attorney is taking the necessary precautions for her own safety.

  2. This is a really scary news, especially for people who wants to have surgery. One of the rules in plastic surgery is that you should find a board-certified doctor and you can check his credentials in many ways–you can always go online or ask your local medical bureau. I just came from the Philippines to have my breast augmented with Dr. Magallona of It’s a very risky decision but after doing my research about him, I went for him because he had a lot of foreign clients. When I went to the Philippines, I asked their health department about his credentials and I was assured that he is board-certified. I think that we should all do the same.

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