Looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day! It’s 7 a.m., 65° and headed to a sunny high of 77°. Ditch the scarf but don’t forget sunscreen. Details are here.

Last week BART repaired 10 broken escalators throughout the system, but 19 still remain broken, including one at the 24th Street station. The SF Appeal reports:

To assist with the repair effort, BART has hired workers from four private contractors, and will add a fifth to the effort Monday to supplement BART crews.

“This is nothing less than a full-court press to get these escalators back in service,” BART Assistant General Manager of Operations Paul Oversier said in a statement. “We know the escalator outages are frustrating for many of our customers.”

The one at 24th has been out of service for a couple of months now, and a sign recently went up saying that it won’t be repaired until July.

A photographer with the Bold Italic set up at 18th and Mission on a Friday night to capture the fashions displayed by passersby. Check out the photos — lots of vintage finds.

Hope you get to go out and enjoy the day!