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A 30-year old woman told Mission Local she was raped near her house early Monday morning.

The woman was walking home from Bender’s Bar on South Van Ness Avenue shortly before 2 a.m. on Monday when she was attacked from behind by two men on the corner of 19th and Capp streets, she said.

The San Francisco Police Department and the Mission Police Station could not immediately confirm the incident happened.

The victim, who sounded shaken up by the experience, came forward to Mission Local because she wants to warn others about the incident, she said.

“I don’t want someone else in this situation,” she said. “Hopefully we can get people notified and be careful.”

“I was heading home and two guys jumped on at me,” she told Mission Local. “Two Hispanic men, one was a tall guy, one was short. It was dark. All I could remember [is it] happening very quickly.”

After attacking her from behind, the men dragged her to a nearby driveway on Capp Street where she was raped. She tried defending herself by punching and scratching one of the assailants.

“Both grabbed me a couple times, I hit one and they took me to the ground and there is nothing I can do after that.” The two men also took cash she had on her, she said.

Later that night, she went to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment and an examination.

She’s now trying to recover physically and emotionally.

“Physically I am in a lot of pain,” she said. ”I am pretty hurt.”

“ I don’t necessarily think it was a targeted thing, but I don’t know,” she said. “It seems like it could have happened to anyone who was at the wrong place.” she said.

The woman said she’s staying at a friend’s house. She isn’t not sure she will come back to the Mission.

“They might live in the neighborhood,” she said.

“I have been living in this neighborhood for seven years and I never felt particular unsafe,” she said. “That’s certainly changed now.”

She noted that the area is very dark at night.

To the victim’s knowledge, there have been no arrests.