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Two cars involved in an accident are blocking the southbound lane on Valencia Street between 21st and 22nd streets, near Hill Street.

Officers question witnesses after the collision. Cars involved in the crash block the southbound lane on Valencia Street. Photo by Lisette Mejia.

The two cars collided near Valencia and 23nd streets around 6:10 p.m., according to a witness, Jonathan McIntosh, who then saw a red car attempt to drive away from the scene of the accident.

But when the driver of the red car pulled away, he crossed the opposite lane of traffic and collided with a parked motor scooter. The driver of the other car, a gray vehicle, followed the red car northbound on Valencia Street and forced the driver to exit his vehicle. Another bystander joined in to remove the man from his vehicle.

The red car finally came to a stop after crossing traffic and crashing into a parked motor scooter. Photo by Lisette Mejia.

The driver of the red vehicle attempted to fight his way free. Witness Leslie Laughlin said the driver of the gray vehicle punched the other driver several times in the face.

“He was so wasted and wasn’t cooperating,” Laughlin said of the driver of the red car.

Witnesses noted that the driver appeared intoxicated and belligerent, and kept attempting to get back into his car and drive away.

The driver of the gray car and a motorcyclist took the other driver’s keys and held him down until police arrived, about five minutes later.

Laughlin, a social worker, stepped in to help the passengers in the gray car, a pregnant woman and a one-year-old boy.

Police handcuffed the driver of the red car, and he was wearing a neck brace when he was put into an ambulance.

Southbound traffic on Valencia may remain slow due to the wreckage of the accident.

Correction: We previously mislabeled the motor scooter as a motorcycle.