Mission Loc@l has many facets to it. Most of our community come to the site as a go-to source for news and information on the Mission District. And we love you for that.

Mission Loc@l is also an educational tool for journalism students from U.C. Berkeley and beyond.

Mission Loc@l is also a nonprofit that must experiment to find ways to sustain itself. Today we are launching a new one.

Many sites including the Dallas Morning News and New York Times have implemented various versions of paywalls. Your access to content is limited unless you reach for your wallet. That is not the model we are exploring.

Instead we’ve decided to try an alternative to paywalls. For the next few weeks we will be experimenting with Google Consumer Surveys. This means some content will be hidden to the reader until they take a survey, share the article you are reading or donate. The choice is yours and every choice helps Mission Loc@l stay strong so we can keep the community informed. The questionnaires are usually one or two questions. Pretty painless and then you are off on your way to keep reading the latest news from Mission Loc@l.

This is a test for us. A way for our readers to help keep Mission Local strong with just two quick clicks of a button and your honest feedback.

And we want your honest feedback, both for the surveys and your reaction to the surveys. Is this something you love, hate or are you indifferent.

You can try a questionnaire below to find the missing text to this article and if you encounter it at future articles, we hope you find Mission Loc@l valuable enough to participate.

(If you see a survey here – take it in order to keep reading)


Did you like the experience? What were your thoughts? If you want to help us out even more – leave a comment. Some of my personal thoughts on this experiment can be found here.