A reader and neighbor of Dolores Park sent some pictures of what he woke up to this morning at the park. This was after Recreation and Park Department staff had consolidated much of the trash into piles. He also described plastic bags drifting down Dolores, trash cans overturned, and trash covering the entire hill south of the tennis courts.

“I’m not sure who angers me more, the people who came to enjoy the park on Saturday and left this mess or Rec and Park, which continues to ignore the complaints and warnings of neighbors about the park’s abuse,” the reader wrote.

There was an Earth Day program this morning in Dolores Park, where volunteers helped clean up. Check out our photos of the improvement.

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  1. this is typical of the left wing commie hypocrites that infest SF , these people are the scum of America following the pied piper of scumunism obama

  2. These photos were taken last Saturday, the day BEFORE Earth Day. In addition, the location in the photos was 2.2 miles from San Francisco’s official EDSF event, which was held Sunday at Civic Center. Our free, daylong event was sponsored by the SF Parks Alliance, open to the public, and several thousand attended. As a representative of the waste management company responsible for the post-event clean up, I’m proud to confirm that our staff–along with many thousands of event participants, volunteers and organizers–achieved a 92% landfill diversion (recycling) rate, 650 pounds of compost, nearly 400 pounds of recycling and almost 89 pounds of “waste”. As expected of people in “North America’s Greenest City”, the San Francisco Civic Center “Earth Day” venue was left clean and free of debris. For more information, please visit http://www.EarthDaySF.org, http://www.wastebusters.info. Sincerely, M. Siminitus, San Francisco

  3. Looks to me as though some animals may have got into the trash cans overnight and made the mess.

  4. Ya gotta understand, these proud Urf Day leftists are above it all when it comes to constructive human behavior. They’re just ‘right’ because they say they are, no proof or evidence needed, and if you don’t like it you’re racist/sexist/homophobe whether that has any relavance or not. Dorks…

  5. And this is San Francisco… At least in L.A. you can bet the ranch who’s creating the problem; illegals. They’ll use the parks and trash them up and even go as far as leaving dirty diapers laying just outside the waste cans for someone else to pick up. You want disgust? Try L.A.! But don’t dare say anything because then you’re a racist! Go figger…

  6. Let’s get real for a minute. We all know that this “Occupy” crowd, when it went public last fall, was 100% vetted and approved by an enthusiastic Democrat party as their “counterweight” to the TEA party. Many luminaries, among them your anointed Obama and St. Nancy Pelosi, vocally and enthusiastically endorsed them! Then came the drug use, public defecation and urination, murder, rape, and destruction of property. Now you San Franciscans can reap what you have sown! You are among those enablers who keep overwhelmingly voting these socialist radicals into office! When are you going to wise up?

  7. This shows that they only believe in green as long it does not apply to themselves. They are just like their leader BHO do as I say not as I do.

  8. If you have ever been to a TEA Party rally the last order of business is they ask the crowd to pick up every piece of litter and leave the grounds cleaner than when they came. Liberals talk… conservatives do.

    1. Absolutely correct Carlos,that’s why SF is such a mess. Too many libs talking the talk…yakkity yak…

  9. I’ve repeatedely written to Mr. Wiener about this issue.. the problem is at the core of the party goers who sit and drink all day and then too drunk to care about their mess after. If they had just one ranger or officer walk through the park and actualy ticket offenders for glass, sound, smoking they would tramp down party town and make money. You cant get away with this crap in any other park around town.. we cant have glass or amplified sound(w/out permits) or even smoke in GGPark.

  10. more real bathrooms required. ditch the porta potties and expand NOW. its current state is a health hazard because of what people will do if they cant get a clean porta potty or bathroom stall.


    major park needs major upgrades!!!!

    1. no amount of upgrades will support the massive current overuse of the park.

      The bathrooms will be finished when the Arts Committee or whatever clownshow likes the design and not a minute sooner.

      Recycling is a great idea, but the homeless folks would just come and jack everything from it and then put it in a shopping cart and sort it on some random block’s sidewalk, the way it happens everywhere else in the Mission.

  11. I’m sure those that trash the place wouldn’t won’t to sit on a trash pile, so why don’t they pick their trash?

  12. As a regular park-goer, I agree this is frustrating. A huge issue, however, is the lack of trash (or recycling/compost) canisters in the park. Even those of us who try to throw away our trash on weekends are often playing trashcan Jenga.

      1. Commission local artists to pain the trash receptacles with varying eye pleasing themes. Or have a contest and have groups pay to paint a receptacle, an excellent fund raiser for some local cause.

  13. Also, this sort of “I don’t care at all about other people, I do want I want” entitlement is why SF, as a whole, can’t have nice things.

    1. Yeah, it’s too bad that people just don’t seem to be taught to pick up their trash. Is this cultural? I don’t seen this trashy behaviors in other countries so much….

      1. yes, entitlement has been the core of American culture, especially among the youth, for the last 20-30 years. Small wonder when their forebears mortgaged their future and left them with cripping deficits and no services and giant loan/tax bills.

  14. It’s a lot to ask of the neighbors, but in my neighborhood we’ve been able to stop stuff like this by organizing visible clean up sessions. And also it may be time for roving bands of anti-littering crew to walk around in the park on the weekends, educating people about not littering and calling them out, politely, when they do.
    When people see that a place is cared fro and monitored, behavior like this changes

    1. Sure Suki…why don’t we just pass some laws too while we are at it? I’ve had enough of the nanny state thinking. People need to take accountability for their own actions. This group of green day libs should be ashamed of themselves, but it’s the intention that counts…sheez….

    2. Send anti-litter people to lecture into a park with trashy people and thats a good way to get your arms and legs broken, and your head bashed in.

  15. Sadly, this large amount of litter is a fairly regular sight at Dolores Park on many early Sunday and Monday mornings, not just Earth Day.

  16. At least throw the garbage on the new playground side to protest the land grab from the adult majority.

    And by the way Kathleen, Potbelly Pigs are the new thing, so you might see more of them in “PIG Park”!

  17. This is real sad. They’re adults and should be taking their trash with them. Soon it’ll be known as Pig Park!

    1. If the Tea Party had been there it would have been cleaner than when they found it. More than 500,000 in DC and the place looked great when they left. Who’d have thunk it?