Car Crashes on Mission Street at 22nd Street

An overturned car on Mission Street near 22nd Street

Police were at the scene of a car crash this morning on Mission Street near 22nd Street in which a black SUV heading north overturned after clipping a truck and a car in the right lanes.

There were no apparent injuries.

It’s not clear what the insurance companies will decide, but the driver of the black SUV and the driver of the small Honda had different views on what happened at around 8:45 a.m. on Thursday.

Photo by Peter Goggin

Edward Oh, the driver of the SUV, told police he was heading north on Mission Street when he neared the intersection of 22nd Street and saw a silver truck double-parked at the corner. Suddenly, he said, a small car pulled out into the lane and he tried to avoid it. “I swerved to the left,” Oh told police. Oh’s SUV spun and then overturned. His airbags failed to inflate, but except for a few scratches on his left arm, he appeared to be in good condition.

Meanwhile, Mario Cortez, the Honda’s driver, said he had been parked on Mission Street one space away from 22nd Street. He was pulling out so that the silver truck in front of him could pull into the space he was leaving. Cortez said he saw the SUV “slamming down Mission Street,” clearly speeding. It’s not clear how they hit, he said, but the SUV clipped the right side of the Honda and the left side of the silver truck. Cortez said that Oh’s SUV tilted before it slid and then turned over.

Cortez said he that has had some emergency training, so he jumped out to help Oh out of his overturned SUV.

The Honda that was pulling out and the silver truck that wanted the parking space.

Police at the scene of a car crash Thursday morning.

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