Restoring “Carnaval” Mural With Help From Community

A vintage photo of the mural upon completion. Photo provided by Daniel Galvez.

Back in November, Mission Local told the story of the iconic Mission mural “Carnaval.” Then people were talking of restoration; now it’s actually happening.

“You’re making me work very hard,” joked Mauricio Aviles, a long-time Mission resident who is pushing for the return of the once-vibrant Mission mural. He says it’s always been a dream of his to restore the piece.

Aviles has teamed with the mural’s lead artist, Daniel Galvez, and photographer Lou Dematteis, who has taken photos of the mural’s images. They are weeks away from submitting an application to the Community Challenge Grant Program in the Office of the City Administrator. If approved, the grant will go to the San Francisco Arts Commission, which will decide whether to grant permission for restoration. “If it doesn’t fly,” said Aviles, “we’ll see what we can do.”

In the meantime, Aviles is asking the community for support. Financially, he’s not exactly sure exactly how much he needs just yet. Once he figures it out, 25 percent must come from the community, he said. This can be in the form of in-kind contributions to support the insurance, scaffolding, architect and the mural’s layout.

Aviles is working with the Lower 24th Street Merchants and Neighbors Association (they unanimously voted to help out), Mission Merchants Association and Precita Eyes. He’s encouraging letters of support from Mission community centers like the Mission Cultural Center.

Interested parties can contact Mauricio Aviles at

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  1. tessa

    This is wonderful news! I hope ML will let us know when the funding campaign starts and provide the contact info.

  2. Old Mission Neighbor

    I brought this up in the November article’s comments section as well, but this sounds like a perfect use case for a kickstarter project.

    Here’s an example of a previous successful project in the Mission:

  3. Thomas Weed

    I thought that the mural pictured was “Golden Dream Of The New World” & that “Carnaval” was at 19th & Harrison. Am I wrong?

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