Good Morning Mission!

Photo by Wally Gobetz

It’s 7 a.m., 48° and headed to 63°, climbing every day until it’s up near 70° on Friday. But that’s good for only a day, because temperatures will drop over the weekend. Details for the next 10 days are here.

The big food news is not in San Francisco today, but in Marin, with the grand opening of El Huarache Loco. It’s Mexican food you’re unlikely to find in the Mission, but will remember well from trips to Mexico City, where owner Veronica Salazar was born. We went there on Sunday for a practice run, and it was worth the drive. La Cocina, the food incubator, worked with Salazar, and the food, venue and ambience are all first-rate.

Do you ride downtown every day? The supes approved an ordinance requiring bike access at downtown offices, reports the SF Appeal.

The SF Weekly has an interesting piece on a study by the SF Food Bank suggesting that the San Francisco and Oakland school districts operate a joint kitchen.

Finally, if you’re feeling wonkish and care to understand all of the tax initiatives you may have to vote on in November, you can read the California Budget Project’s latest report. The synopsis: There’s the governor’s proposal, the teachers’ proposal and the Munger proposal. The governor’s proposal, the report concludes, would put the biggest burden on the top 1 percent.

Planning ahead: “The Idea of India” at Oddball Films.

And don’t forget that on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Ken Ken Ramen will hold a Mission Night Market.

Enjoy! lc

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