VIDEO: Motor Mouth, Real-Life Superhero

En Español.

Motor Mouth, a Mission native who wishes to remain anonymous, wanted to help people. After reading the comic book “Kickass,” he researched what a real-life superhero was and decided to become one.

He lives in the East Bay, and when he’s not a substitute special education teacher, he puts on his Motor Mouth costume.

With the help of other real-life superheroes who are part of the Northern California Protectorate he created, he goes out and helps those in need. In recent months he’s provided security at Occupy Oakland and has been walking the streets of San Francisco and cities in the East Bay to hand out bags of food and supplies to the homeless.

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  1. Unoccupy Oakland

    “Security at Occupy Oakland”? Security for who? Is he protecting Oakland from out-of-towners who come every Saturday to bust the city’s budget by protesting against who knows what? If he could get them to go bother a wealthier city — preferably their own — than he really would be a superhero.

  2. The other guy

    Wearing a costume doesn’t make you a hero. Why wasn’t the other guy (his friend) interviewed? Because he’s not wearing a costume? He was doing the same thing. You don’t need to hide your identity when you’re handing out toilet paper. No one’s going to rob you for toilet paper. This guy is just a clown.

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