Three Men Shot Near 16th and Mission

Firemen tend to a victim on 16th and Hoff Streets after a shooting Friday night that left three injured.

Updated: 7:45 a.m.

Three men were shot just before 11 p.m. on Friday night, following a brief shouting match at 16th and Mission streets. All three victims were transported by ambulance to the hospital, and two, ages 24 and 42, have life-threatening injuries.The third man, 34, has injuries that aren’t life threatening.

Police have no suspects in custody and no known suspect information yet.

Josh Gonia, who watched the scene from outside El Capitan Hotel on Mission Street, saw the confrontation build up to the round of gunshots.

According to Gonia, two men were outside of the McDonald’s on Mission Street, yelling at another two men across the street at the bus stop. One man ran after another with a baseball bat.

“And then the other guy pulled his gun out,” Gonia recalled as he withdrew money from an ATM, clearly shaken up. “It was unbelievable.”

Gonia said he heard at least five gunshots.

“He was using his one arm to hold his gun in his pocket and was running with the other arm,” he said.

The shooter then fled south down Mission Street and turned east down 17th Street, according to Gonia.

One victim, who last night was on a stretcher being loaded into an ambulance at 16th and Hoff streets, raised his arms as if to wave to the crowd, according to one witness who wanted to remain anonymous.

Another victim, lying on the same corner, had propped himself up by the elbow and was surrounded by a group of firefighters. He had bandages on one foot.

Ambulances and police arrived at the scene five minutes after the shooting, according to Ike Peleseuma. Peleseuma said he heard “eight or nine” gunshots from a nearby liquor store on 16th and Valencia streets.

We will update with more details as they arise.

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  1. I took two photos, they are not that great unfortunately. I was at my office on Mission. I heard the gunshots, looked out the window and saw the shooter run past my window.

  2. Easton

    It sounds like this shooting had an element of randomness to it, but would it be too much to ask that the SFPD has a permanent or near permanent presence at 16th and Mission? It’s an open-air drug market for a block in each direction, yet it’s only 2 blocks from their precinct station.

  3. George

    Good thing someone was armed, the matter was probably too complex and nuanced to resolve verbally.

  4. lucrative business

    George, they were competing over a business that we make lucrative.

    People spend money on what they sell. And, we put cash into the hands of the homeless, which flows into this business.

    This money provided the motive and bought the gun and bullets to do this.

  5. concerend mission resident

    I can’t believe the cops don’t just have a car permanently parked at 16th in mission. We all need to use that bart station, but the police allow it to be one of the most dangerous, drug infested war zones in the entire city. No concern for the residents that live in the neighborhood that care about our community. There should be police presence 24/7 at that corner. It would only take a few months to disperse the craziness if they only made it a priority.

    • marco

      Didn’t they have a police kiosk there before? Maybe they removed it because it was too dangerous for the cops, but you’re right — if there’s one place where putting a few police officers in the neighborhood makes sense, it’s this area. I’ve been here for over 20 years and I’ve can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen a beat cop around here. It’s ridiculous. Mission Local should do some interviews with the police and find out why something so obvious to everyone (putting police in this area) is constantly ignored by Mission Station.

      • randolph mortimer

        yes, it would be great if Mission Local could ask why laws are so consistently not enforced at this location – protip : use the magic phrase ‘containment zone’ in your questions.

    • anonymous

      Dolores park used to be an open air drug market. Then, the SFPD had a permanent presence for about 6 months – net result, they pushed the surenos solidly back to Mission street. I think there is a plan to “contain” the surenos in the poorer section of town, away from the rich edge of Noe Valley. We already know that SFPD could do the same thing they did in Dolores park, but the Mayor doesn’t care about Mission Street the same way he cares about Dolores and Guerrero street.

  6. Missionite

    Scary. 11:00 is not that late — lots of people still on the street and in danger of getting caught in the crossfire. Please post more details as they become available. Was this gang and or drug related? Just a random fight that got our of control?

  7. tc

    We need more Police on foot patrol!!!

  8. why not call it new philadelphia ?

  9. Kt

    I stepped off BART at 16th minutes after the shooting. Police had just arrived and were taping off the crime scene. Ambulance workers were beginning to tend to one of the victims who was lying on the ground near the Bart station exit (corner opposite McDonalds). His shirt was lifted up and it looked like he had been shot in the heart (or very near it). I can’t figure out how he fits into the story as it’s been told here, if shots were fired from the mcdonalds corner. Anyway. I agree with others here: it’s time for the city to clamp down and make this corner safe.

  10. did everyone forget???????they put a kiosk at 16th/mission in the 80; one wanted stood unused(they had one in china town also)”police occupation”of the :hood an all least thats what everyone was whining back then..who were they listening to?????

  11. mark

    Actually I do remember the kiosk as I lived a couple blocks from that intersection when they put it in. I don’t remember the protests against “occupation.” I do remember the it being a remarkably stupid waste of resources to deal with the level of street crime associated at that time (much worse than now) with the place. Clearly the City has never been interested in devoting the social service resources, much less law enforcement resources, needed to reduce level street crime around the intersection. A kiosk just ain’t going to get the job done. Please don’t let them bring one back.

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